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MobilOR can provide many features for companies that have regional offices, warehouses, branches, sub-branches, distributors, suppliers. Some of the main features for those divisions are described below :

  • Ability to use the software on any kind of mobile device with browser support (smartphones, tablets, iPhones, iPads, Windows, Android, Linux, etc.)
  • Dashboard on headquarters facilitating the management
  • Availability to define prices centrally for all segments
  • Warehouse synchronization with all segments (Headquarters, Regions, Branches, Distributors, etc.)
  • Accounting synchronization between all segments
  • Tracking sales & order amounts related to all segments
  • Authorization between users for all transactions
Bring Your Business in Your Pocket :

You can use MobilOR with any mobile device that has browser capability. As it is web based, you can reach all your information on mobile. You don’t need to take your notebook with you.

MobilOR - Stock Transaction Report

MobilOR – Stock Transaction Report

You can reach information related to headquarters, regions and branches one by one or consolidated. With this feature, MobilOR provides you to manage your business also on mobile devices. Wherever you are in the World, your business will be under control.

Dashboard Feature :

MobilOR offers you a special dashboard. You can add your frequently used menu items. With this option you can easily reach your operations. From this management dashboard you can control your headquarters, regions and branches.

MobilOR - Management Dashboard

MobilOR – Management Dashboard

Change Easily Prices :

If you need to change price of a sale item, you can do easily this for your headquarters, regions and branches. With this feature, you can also change prices for selected regions and branches. You don’t need to travel your segments, you can do change in one shot on MobilOR. All prices are automatically synchronized remotely. By this way management of prices is done with one click.

Manage Warehouses for Regions, Branches in Different Locations :

Wherever you have a warehouse, you can easily manage it with MobilOR. You can do fast and error free inventory counting. The software includes Barcolog & Barcolog-F for those operations.

MobilOR - Warehouse Control & Inventory Management

MobilOR – Warehouse Control & Inventory Management

MobilOR can also perform inventory and accounting synchronization between warehouses and segments. You can select automatic or manual synchronization. This provides easy management.

MobilOR - Synchronization Options

MobilOR – Synchronization Options

Counting differences between pysical counting and inventory database can be easily seen and warehouse manager can check them on screen.

MobilOR - Handheld Terminal Counting Screen

MobilOR – Handheld Terminal Counting Screen

Module Authorization :

You can decide wich module will be used by which user in MobilOR. With those authentication options a user can only interact with what it is permitted.