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MobilAX – Microsoft Dynamics AX MRP / ERP Solution

MobilAX is an MRP/ERP management software package based on Microsoft Dynamics AX / Axapta. This product is specially tailored and applied for your company. You can customize all modules within this package. The most important feature of MobilAX that its capability to bring your environment to mobile devices such as smart phones, tablets, iPhones and iPads with IOS or Android operating systems. Manage your orders or track your stock into warehouses; MobilAX can provide you detailed reports helping you to manage your business. It can follow your current status, track your business at the time that you’re making decisions.

Microsoft Dynamics AX - MobilAX

Microsoft Dynamics AX – MobilAX

MobilAX provides you a tailored solution for your company.  From accounting to production planning, from human resources to order tracking, this platform includes all items within your business processes that you can imagine and puts them into automation. You can even manage your production robotic systems with MobilAX.

Within MobilAX, business processes are transferred to mobile environments. You can manage your warehouses, arrange all forwarding processes with barcode and deliver your orders on time with minimal cost.

Microsoft Dynamics AX

Microsoft Dynamics AX

MobilAX also contains our software products MobilOR and Barcolog-F. By this way you can even print your MSDS, ADR & Hazardous Material Labels within your MS Dynamics /AX System.

Within MobilAX you can even manage your cash flow with our Cash Flow Management software, make decisions related to cash status and do forecasts for the future.

Cash Flow Management

Cash Flow Management

MobilAX can provide you many reports for your business and beside that you can even design your own reporting with many tools.